Digital Sandwich… because efficiency is incomplete without fun

1 Jan

Today you are working from home. Two days before your tradeshow keynote it makes perfect sense to focus on brushing up your storyline. But it’s almost lunchtime and you’re craving a sandwich.
– Shall you open the fridge and quickly grab some fuel just to survive?
– Shall you order a delivery from a deli nearby?
– Or maybe your friends are lunching in the neighborhood and you can join them?

All these decisions will simply stress you out when you’re in hyper productivity mode. The last thing you need is to be bogged down by mundane activities, like lunch planning, that distract you from a task at hand. If only you could efficiently explore all your options and quickly pick the optimal one: walk three blocks to the newly opened Italian cafe that is serving your favorite panini with porchetta for half price and where your best friend is just checking in.

Porchetta NYC

How awesome, a great deal on a perfect meal in the best possible company was only a few Internet searches away!  First, you googled Recipes and Images to realize that you want more than the only sandwich you could prepare at home: Nutella and tortilla. Second, you ran ‘’sandwich’’ on Local, Maps and Gmail to see what’s going on nearby you and find that Groupon lunch discount coupon you totally forgot about. Finally, by searching for “sandwich” on your Facebook and Twitter you learned your neighborhood is the ultimate Panini destination in the city — your coolest friends either already have a picture of the panino on their profile or they’re on their way to take one! You clearly have been hiding under a rock not to know yet about about Porchetta NYC yet. Not anymore! Now you can enjoy a delicious lunch at a trendy spot with a friend who can help you practice your speech. Just don’t forget to call your buddy on Gtalk and ask her to order the sandwich for you, because the lines will be long! You don’t want to compromise your efficiency and get stuck in the lunch queue now that you’ve managed to so perfectly solve the problem of an empty fridge. You have enhanced your lunch experience without taking away any time from your work.

A question to you that we will answer in one of the upcoming posts: how long did it take to research all the lunch options and which device(s) / app(s) were used? Put your bet here:

Device(s): _______________________

App(s): _________________________

Time used: _______________________


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