Customized Drink… because the perfect app for you is out there

8 Jan

Sometimes you just have to leave the office in the middle of the day to take the car to the mechanic or see your orthodontist. By the time you’re ready to return to work, the rush hours hits.
Do you park your car on the back of a supermarket and pray for a decent cellular coverage? Or would you rather sit at a table and take the call while sipping your favorite coffee drink?

Many modern work tasks can be successfully accomplished outside of the office environment. Some, like working on a report a few hours before the deadline, require our undivided attention and deep, undisturbed thoughts of the creative process. These conditions are easiest to achieve at the home office. Other tasks, like passively listening to a conference call, can easily be done in between running errands on the go. The energy you save by efficiently getting the daily chores and mundane work duties out of your way can be put to the most demanding part of your job: producing equity for your company. It is hard though to be creative if you’re not having at least some fun in the middle of a busy day. Luckily, the modern technology is here to save your day.

We purchase mobile devices and apps in hope that they will to make our lives easier. A typical iPhone user has downloaded 48 apps. 68% of iPhone owners use their apps multiple times a dayApple store had 425.000 apps in July 2011. Finding the right app for you that you’ll find useful is a real challenge.

When do you consider downloading a new app? It typically happens on two occasions. Either when you are faced with a practical problem, such as finding the closest coffee shop with Internet connection to attend a videoconference while on the go. In this case, you are more concerned about the reliability of the WiFi than about finding a perfectly organic and artisan coffee blend, so you go for Starbucks. You download the Starbucks app and soon you know that the closest Starbucks is only half a block away and is open till 8pm.

Starbucks app

Once you’re there and realize you still have 10 minutes till the meeting begins, you may just as well dedicate the spare time to experiencing something new, like trying a new beverage at Starbucks, just for the fun of it. The Starbucks app has quickly transformed your daily staple, tall latte, into Short-Caramel-Brulee-Nonfat-Extra-Foam-Ginger-Topping-Caffe-Latte. Now with the fresh yet tasty intake of caffeine you’re ready to face the toughest part of the day: summarizing the earnings call of the competitor’s you just listened to at Starbucks and recommending actions for your company. It’s going to be a long evening.


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