Transatlantic Journey… because who travels lives many lives

22 Jan

Did you know that the top selling app in Norway allows you to scan the beer prices in the bars around you? The Swiss are happy to pay for a collection of Grandma’s tips and tricks on house making? The Italians cannot live without stalking their friends on Facebook?

Housekeeping tips

It seldom happens that an app conquers the entire world. The number of total downloads of AngryBirds, 250 million, has surpassed the number of all iPhone, iPad and iPod devices worldwide, that is 200 milion. However, this is an exception to the general trend that people prefer local products. According to the Economist: “… the internet will continue to become more and more local: cultures are different, so the more people go online, the more the internet will resemble them”. One of the most downloaded paid app in Denmark, Danske Apps, serves solely one purpose: to find apps either made in Denmark or made specifically for the Danish market.

Simply beer

Norway is the most expensive country to live in Europe with ultra high prices of alcohol. You can save a lot of money on drinks if you only stick to the bars offering happy hour, hence the huge popularity in Norway of an app that lets you find them.

As much as the Norwegians like cheap beer, the Italians enjoy being the center of attention. Family and friendship mean a lot to them and they eagerly adopt social networks that helps them better connect with their dearest ones as well as lead in the never-ending popularity contest. “Who has deleted you on Facebook? Who is visiting your Facebook profile?” are good things to know and the apps that give an easy access to this information are selling well in Italy.

Facebook delete

Facebook stalker

Americans like to use the technology to be more efficient in their everyday lives. After the crisis, they adopted a more rational attitude to shopping and value a good deal even more than before. The shift in the American mindset to more conscious consumption combined with their passion for always increasing their productivity explains the success of AppZilla. This app combines a hundred of utility apps such as currency converter, calculator, weather forecast etc in one app for 1 USD which is value for money and simultaneously allows them to cram more apps on the small screen of the iPhone.



As the country that invented marketing, America perceives the technology not only as a way to optimize their daily activities but also as tools for individual promotion and visibility. If nobody knows about your existence, you won’t be offered a great job or invited to cool parties. No wonder the social networks thrive in this highly competitive society where the amount of publicity determines your social status. As Coco Chanel said, “the most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” Americans tweet, post on Facebook and Google +. And if they are short of ideas of what thoughts to share with the world, they can always reach for the iSocialize app, the third best selling social networking app in the USA in July 2011.


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