Easy Search… because tapping is superior to typing

5 Feb

Do you think that Google search engine has not really innovated since its launch in 1997? Would you agree that the user experience while searching Internet from a mobile device can be improved? Good news is, somebody already did it!

In my first Tech Surprise, “Digital Sandwich“, I asked a question: how long did it take to research all the lunch options and which device(s)/app(s) were used? The answer is below:

Device(s): ___________________ iPad
App(s): _____________________ EasySearch 4 iPad
Time used: ___________________ 30 seconds

25% of the American smartphone owners go online mostly from their mobile devices. Some of them want to quickly find information on a specific topic, others are just looking for inspiration on what to do when they have some time to kill, for example when exploring an unknown city.

iPhones and iPads are more versatile than the devices we used to play with in the past: laptops, music players or game consoles. They are light and equipped with large touchscreens. A third of smartphone owners prefer using them for Web browsing or e-mail even when they are near their computers. Over the past two years, iPhone users have spent 45 percent more time e-mailing on their smartphones and 15 percent less time e-mailing on their laptops.

The touchscreens of iPhones and iPads make tapping the more natural way of interacting with the Web then typing we were accustomed to in the era of PCs and laptops. There is enough content out there, so the challenge is more on the side of synthesizing it quickly then adding to it. That’s why tapping is superior to typing.

The recent financial results of Apple confirm that consumers expect to do “more” stuff with “less” of a device. Sales of “tapping” mobile devices soar (iPhones: 142 percent unit growth; iPads: 183 percent unit increase), while fewer people choose traditional “typing” and bulky gear (Macs: 14 percent unit increase).

Easy Search

With Easy Search you take advantage of the touch screen of your iPad or iPhone, you type once, search everywhere:
– Images – how does it look?
– Wikipedia – what is it?
– Maps – where is it?
– Facebook – are my friends using it?
– Twitter– are my friends using it NOW?

Doing more with less is a necessity in modern nomads’ lives. Constantly on the road, they rely on their mobile devices to quickly synthesize a lot of information and decide on where they are heading next. The nomadic lifestyle is powered by apps that help them navigate the digital and real worlds with more fun and less stress.


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