Marketing Plan Template

The Marketing Plan Template is a ready to use blueprint for you to:

  • Get to know your customers and your competitors
  • Learn how to quantify your product’s value and how to communicate it
  • Define realistic business objectives and strategies to achieve them

The Marketing Plan Template contains concrete examples from companies like:

Tesla, Netflix, Dropbox, Google, Trunk Club, Theranos, DocuSign, Marketo, Breather, Suse, Walgreens, Lyft, Riverbed, Nokia, Uber, Cisco and Salesforce.

The Marketing Plan Template is  ready to use and contains all the necessary steps to ensure a commercial success of your product.

  • No need to create slides from scratch!
  • Download your own copy and edit it directly in PowerPoint.

Marketing Plan Template

58 slides
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Prepare and Promote Template
Prepare and Promote Template

14 slides
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Product Launch Plan Template

1 Excel Sheet
Included, free of charge

Save days of research and forget about the hassle of building your own slides!

I hope you’ll find my marketing plan useful.

Please note that the order processing is not automated. Once you have submitted the order, I will receive a notification and email you the marketing plan. Please allow a couple of hours for the email to arrive.

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