SDN vs NFV Presentation

If you recently visited NetworkWorld or FierceWireless, chances are you came across acronym-rich articles attempting at explaining the most popular buzzwords of the moment: #SDN and #NFV. There is no doubt both technology concepts are gaining a lot of traction. “Introduction to NSX” session at this year’s #VMworld 2014 attracted hundreds of SDN knowledge hungry people. “NFV for Telco Infrastructure” was also very well attended given that it competed with several Happy Hour events (it was scheduled at 5:30pm).


If you don’t really have the time to read hundreds of articles and you’d like to quickly understand the key concepts and relationship between SDN and NFV, I have good news for you. I already did the heavy lifting and synthesized several sources of SDN and NFV wisdom into a single deck. Check out my “SDN and NFV: Friends or Enemies” presentation. It contains a lot of pictures, diagrams and other visuals to help you intake the new information as painlessly as possible. Enjoy and let me know how I can further improve it!

You can also get the presentation in Powerpoint format by clicking the buy button below:


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Save days of research and forget about the hassle of building your own slides!

I hope you’ll find my presentation useful.

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