iPod Fashionista… because sometimes you have to pick only one app

29 Jan

80% of the time you are wearing 20% of your clothes. Why do you still keep 4/5 of your closet? If you get the right classy pieces of clothing and accessories, you will be able to go on a 7 day business trip with carry on only and never wear the same combination of clothes. Oh, and you will need no more than 5min to pack for the trip.

If you’re living a nomadic lifestyle, you work out of coffee places, airports and hotels. You need one device that has it all. A device that “stands alone” like a Marc Jacobs bag. When you have to pick just one accessory, you’re looking for a simple form, neutral color that will match all your outfits. When you finally find it, it becomes your perfect travel companion. The petite bag with detachable strap and built-in credit card slots has a triple identity: a strapless clutch, handled purse and shoulder bag. You will not be able to live without it and you won’t need other bags. The price-per-wear will decrease with each wear and the initial cost of the bag will soon be forgotten.

Versatile handbag

Apple can charge the consumer the premium price because of its “awesome design and a relentless focus on users”. iPads and iPhones cost more than most smartphones and tablets. App store is not a non-profit organization either. Yet it has 25% smartphone market share in the US. iPhone owners download more apps and use them more frequently than any other smartphone users. Three-quarters of iPhone users now pay for one or more apps each month.

But how many apps can you actually handle? Switching between different apps seems less problematic than swapping handbags where you have to transfer all its content to the next one and it’s easy to forget the vitals, like the keys, the lipstick, the cards etc. When you have too many accessories, it is more likely than some of them you’ll never use and they’ll become dust collectors somewhere on the back of your closet. The same principle applies to apps, “too much choice actually makes it less likely [users] will take advantage of a feature.”

Why have many functions/features/apps in one app?
– To have a clean display. With the average 48 apps downloaded, the screens of iPhones and iPads quickly get crowded. It is difficult to find the app you want to use and you have no space for new downloads.
– To quickly switch between tasks without the need of closing and opening a new app, whether it’s running a simple search or looking for a first date inspiration.
– To save the memory and battery life. Fever apps running in the background equals less frequent charging of the device.

End-users want to do more with less. No wonder that AppZilla, 100 apps in one, hit 1,5 million downloads on July 1st 2011.


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