Multi-benefiting > Multi-tasking

11 Apr

What if we replaced 📛#MultiTasking with ✅ #MultiBenefiting?

📛 #MultiTasking is like death by a 1000 paper cuts. When we multi-task, we don’t get more done. Instead, we’re more stressed and unable to focus. As a result, our creativity suffers.

✅ #MultiBenefiting is the opposite of multi-tasking. You’re 100% focused on one activity at a time, yet you experience multiple benefits.

For example, on a busy day packed with back-to-back meetings, take a minute, stand up, look out the window and focus your gaze on a tree, a pedestrian or… the #Transamerica landmark building, which is right outside my office window ⬇. My personal favorite yet is to spot a local #hawk 🦅 sitting on his favorite tree branch just outside my home office window.

This simple micro-activity will instantly deliver 3 benefits:
✅ It will calm your #mind
✅ It will re-energize your #body
✅ It will relax your screen-strained #eye muscles

#3 benefits of a single #1 minute long activity? That’s a great #ROI, if you ask me! And the best part? After this micro-break, you’re ready to bring your best self for the next daily challenge.

Thank you to Jeana Jorgensen and Sara Harvey Yao for inspiring this post with your amazing workshop on how to get present to become mindful humans and better leaders.

What ✅ #MultiBenefiting activities are your favorite?


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